Mrs. Alaska

                       Meet Mrs. America 2012
             Formerly Mrs. Alaska - Vicki Sarber

I was thrilled to represent the amazing and diverse married women of…Alaska.  Land of
the Midnight Sun…and the magnificent place The Sarber Family is lucky enough to call
home!  But then, when I was crowned Mrs. whole world changed!

I’m Vicki Sarber and my husband Greg and I are lifelong Alaskans. We have been blissfully married for 12 years
and choose to live and raise our three vibrant children in the small fishing community of Homer Alaska…Halibut
Capital of the World!  On any given day expect  to see us at the beach, fishing, clamming, bird watching, skiing,
snow machining or volunteering alongside our fellow neighbors for whatever project is in need.

I am an A.S.I.D. Interior Designer by profession and am certified in the decorative artistry of faux painting and
floral design. I also have the pleasure of doing voice and TV spots for our local networks. That being said, I have
happily taken leave from the design world to enjoy what matters most….my family.  Life goes by so quickly, I
don’t want to miss a minute with Jackson, 9; Vianne, 8 and Pinky who is very 2!  That’s why it’s an easy decision
to be a devoted wife, stay at home mom and home school teacher.

Greg and I believe firmly that being a parent is the hardest and most important thing we will ever do in life.  Our
children are gifts to the world!  Too many of them are not reaching their potential by not having a safe, loving
and stable family.  It is our duty to protect and advocate for all children, they are our most valuable resource and
our best chance for a great tomorrow!  Listen to the dreams of our children, lift them up on eagles wings and
watch them soar…..let us always put family first!
     Meet Mrs. America 2013 - Austin Williams

I always get kind of nervous when it’s time for me to fill in the “About Me” section, even if it’s in person.  But life without getting to
know people is lame, so I share anyway hoping you’ll share too!

My name is Austen.  Yep, kinda like the capital of Texas–except I was named after a Colonel Austin from a soap opera in the 80s.

Here are a few facts that probably matter more than the origin of my name:

I am second.

If I had to describe myself in a word, that word would be one word twice– joyful, joyful!  I am the wife of Marcel, and I have a really big
crush on him.

I am mommy to Marc and Michal.  (Michal is a girl).  I love children, but I didn’t realize how much I loved them until I started having

I have spent my entire life modeling, acting, singing, and dancing, and I credit any type of photography skills I may (or may not)
possess as a result of a lifetime of taking pictures.

I really love people and I love to hear their stories.  I love talking to strangers, and I have never been good at that “stranger danger”

I give lots of hugs, but I think it’s weird to hug strangers so I often just give high fives.   In my head I think I’m hilarious, though I realize
it may not actually be that way in real life.

I love to read.  The root of my greatest goals are to have a servant’s heart and do whatever I can for people.

Though photography has been a very “normal” part of my life, I started taking pictures of babies, kids, and families because I wanted
to give people a way of having beautiful pictures of their little ones without breaking the bank.  I’m really random… in case you didn’t

I decided to participate in Mrs. Texas because having kids makes things move around like you would not believe. There’s nothing
quite like the threat of swimsuit competition to make you get in shape.