Saturday evening, June 4, 2016 the stage at Bartlett High School Auditorium was packed with anxious husbands, friends and family members as women from across Alaska competed for the title of Mrs. Alaska
America during the 40th annual Mrs. Alaska-America Pageant.  

After a three hour event consisting of several on-stage productions to include a physical fitness segment, evening gown presentation where the ladies were escorted by their husbands and interviews with a
prestigious panel of judges, the ultimate prize and title of Mrs. Alaska America 2016 went to Tesa Sturman.  Tesa and her husband Steve live in Kenai, Alaska.

Tesa will be on her way to the Mrs. America Pageant to represent Alaska at the annual celebration of Mrs. America in August.  Additionally she will be making personal appearances throughout Alaska during her
year’s reign, speaking for and to Alaska’s largest and most important constituency, its married women.
Mrs. Alaska
                                          2016 Top 5

    3rd Runner Up        1st Runner Up               Winner              2nd Runner Up          4th Runner Up
Kristin Vandagriff    Shauna Tomlinson     Tesa Sturman         Kali Robaina           Karen Waldron
Mrs. Alaska America Class of 2016

2016 Mrs. Alaska America - Tesa Sturman from Kenai, Alaska

There were several other awards given during the event.
Not only is a new Mrs. Alaska America crowned, the pageant
recognizes the accomplishments of the contestants in several other areas:

Opening Number Intro: Karen Waldron
Most Children:  Tesa Sturman and Liz Jaqua
Wedding Photo: Kali Robaina
Photogenic:  Marlee Hughes
Most Years Married:  Tesa Sturman
Ticket Sales:  Tesa Sturman
Top Model:  Kristin Vandagriff
Most Spirited:  Marlee Hughes
Miss Congeniality:  Jana Powell
Friendship:  Karen Waldron
Best Thank you Letter:  Kali Robaina
Community Service:  Kali Robaina
Business Woman of the Year:  Tesa Sturman
Contestant's Choice:  Jana Powell
Best Smile:  Shauna Tomlinson
People's Choice:  Karen Waldron
Ad Sales: Tamara Reid
Handsome Husband:  Jason Hughes husband of Marlee Hughes
Winner                   Tesa Sturman                Kenai
1st   Runner-up     Shauna Tomlinson        Eagle River
2nd Runner-up      Kali Robaina                 Anchorage
3rd  Runner-up      Kristin Vandagriff         Anchorage
4th  Runner-up      Karen Waldron             Anchorage
Tesa and Steve Sturman
Mrs. and "Mr." Alaska America 2016
Congratulations to Tesa Sturman
2016 Mrs. Alaska America
Mrs. Alaska America Class of 2016
Now accepting applications to the May 2017 Pageant.  "Click" on "How To Enter"  to receive more information.
The pageant will be held on Saturday, May 13, 2017 at the Bartlett High School Auditorium.